Friday, November 28, 2008

Guantanamo Bay

As we all know, the bulk of the detainees in Guantanamo Bay are proven terrorists who were caught on the battlefield attempting to kill Americans and others. But, Barack Obama and his base believe that we should close Guantanamo and give these terrorists access to the American legal system, so that some tricky lawyer (such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Ramsey Clark) will be able to free them on some technicality or another. Remember Orenthal James Simpson, anyone? He was the murderer who got away from justice to the cheers of millions of black Americans.

A terrorist named Abdullah Massoud was captured in 2001 fighting with the Taliban, killing young Americans. Massoud had a leg missing from a landmine explosion back in 1996.
In Guantanamo Bay, Massoud was fitted with a prosthetic leg, paid for by the American taxpayer to the tune of somewhere in the vicinity of $75,000. Hello? Can you imagine? We’re “rebuilding” terrorists like they did in the “Six Million Dollar Man”….
Massoud was released in March of 2004, a refreshed and revamped “two-legged” terrorist, thanks to the ignorant American infidels. He immediately strolled back to Afghanistan and resumed fighting against the U.S. with the help of his new leg.

In October of 2004, he masterminded the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers in Pakistan. He said the idea was to embarrass President Musharraf for cooperating with the American infidels.
Pakistani forces killed Massoud and his fellow kidnappers, but only one of the Chinese engineers was rescued alive. The Chinese pulled all of their engineers out of Pakistan as a result and brought a major dam building project to a screeching halt. Massoud got a new leg……the Chinese and the Pakistanis paid a price for his release, as we, the American infidel, paid $75,000 to rebuild and rehabilitate Massoud into a more complete and efficient terrorist.
The media seems to have virtually ignored the fact that Massoud received his prosthetic limb in Guantanamo. That would’ve clashed with Dick Durbin’s characterization of Americans in Guantanamo as Nazis.
Massoud’s “heroic” reputation as the jihadist with the prosthetic leg was propped up by the media, but they never revealed that he got the damned leg in Guantanamo at American taxpayer expense.

The New York Times said it best….
“Abdullah Massoud ... had earned both sympathy and reverence for his time in Guantanamo Bay. ... Upon his release, he made it home to Waziristan and resumed his war against the U.S. With his long hair, his prosthetic limb and impassioned speeches, he quickly became a charismatic inspiration to Waziristan's youth."

This is a supposedly “American” newspaper glorifying a piece of shit terrorist! Amazing.

"He lost his leg in a landmine explosion a few days before the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in September 1996. It didn't dampen his enthusiasm as a fighter and he got himself an artificial leg later, says Yusufzai." -- The Indo-Asian News Service.

They forget to tell you where he got that artificial leg, they just say “he got HIMSELF an artificial leg later”.

"The 29-year-old Massoud, who lost his left leg in a landmine explosion while fighting alongside the Taliban, often used to ride a horse or camel because his disability made it painful for him to walk long distances in hilly areas." -- BBC Monitoring South Asia

The BBC wants us to feel sorry for poor ole Abdullah. Like when your parents told you they had to walk to school uphill…both ways.

“He now walks with an artificial leg specifically made for him in Karachi." -- Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)

Karachi, you say? Since when is Karachi in Cuba?

The media wants you to sympathize with these poor oppressed terrorists, and the plight of those poor souls in Guantanamo. Barack Obama and the Dumbocrats are going to close Guantanamo. What do you suppose they’re going to do with all those murderers in there? As of yet, we don’t know…but I will guarantee you that Americans, Brits, Chinese, Pakistanis, Afghans, and Iraqis will die as a direct result of this huge mistake. All we have accomplished was taking killers off of the battlefield, fed them and cared for them for years, we rejuvenated them, and are now going to send them back out refreshed. At least 90% of them will go back to killing innocent people.
I am of the mind that American soldiers should never take another live prisoner from the battlefield. Just kill the bastard right there, as they would gladly have done to you!

No wonder that liberals don’t like to be called liberals…it’s a term which implies foolishness and ignorance in the extreme, to the point of self-destruction. Liberals have no self-preservation instinct. Without the awareness of conservatives to counter balance their foolishness, they couldn’t even exist in the real world. They would be over run by the predators of the world, with their “buy the world a Coke”, “give peace a chance”, and “can’t we all just get along” nonsense.

The basis for this blog was gleaned from Miss Ann Coulter’s latest article, “Terrorist’s Restless Leg Syndrome”.


Tracey said...

Of course, once this is accomplished, we will see more terrorist acts perpetrated around the globe as well as here in our own country. Look at what happened in Mumbai yesterday. Who's to say that won't happen here and soon? Once this "stranger" who has been elected President and who cannot seem to produce his unsealed birth certificate, steps into his appeasement role, these terrorists will become more emboldened because they know the lack of intestinal fortitude that exists here.

Jacob said...

If it was up to Obama and co, all the Nazi criminals would have never gone to trial in Nuremberg because the jail in Nuremberg would have been ruled inhumane by the UN Human Rights Commission and as the Nuremberg trials were conducted by a military commission,they would have deemed illegal as the case with Guantanamo Bay.

Beside the issue is not how many Jews the Nazi murdered, but what made them Nazis? Surely the Nazis must have been victim of zomsink.

We all know that all those detainees in Guantanamo Bay were grabbed by George Bush when they walked their Poodles in the park in Kabul, It is Gerge Bush fault and Obama is going to fix it.

Lonewolf said...

1) The libs believe that once Obama has shown his magnanimity to the extremists, then they will suddenly become our friends, Tracey. The terrorists will melt down their swords and turn them into plowshares and all that cool stuff. Won't be no more beheadin' and blowin' up little school chirren. Don't choo know nuthin'? It'll be all roastin' marshmallows and singin' "Kumbaya". Silly libs...don't they know Trix are for kids? Hee hee.

2)I've no doubt that you are right about Nuremburg and Obama. Let's just forget about the millions murdered by the Nazis and focus now on the rights of the murderers. After all, that's in the past and I'm sure the Nazis have remorse about it. I don't think liberals have a realistic grasp on justice.

Yes, it's certainly a shame about all those hairdressers and manicurists who are languishing in Guantanamo for walking their "poodles in the park". Hee hee.

BayouJoe said...

I heard about him wanting to close the base right after he was elected and I also think it is a mistake. He will have all of the detainees moved to America for fair trials, HA! I say do the world a favor and execute them now, they will just start killing again if they are released anyway.

Katie said...

I, too, read the Ann Coulter column and I couldn't believe the story about Abdullah Massoud.

"I am of the mind that American soldiers should never take another live prisoner from the battlefield. Just kill the bastard right there, as they would gladly have done to you!"

I could not agree with you more. I feel the same way.

Zoobee said...

Didn't you know? Obama is magical. He knows the exact right words to say to make all the terrorists give up terrorism and breed puppies. PUPPIES! They make the world happier. Damn, haven't you been paying attention?

Now I would address the whole taxpayer dollar paying for a terrorist leg and then letting him free to continue being a POS terrorist, but it pisses me off too much on a holiday weekend.

I have put being pissed off on hold for the moment. I shall resume it when the holiday weekend ends. And I look at my credit card bill. YIKES!

Controlled Chaos said...

They should have NEVER been detained! They should have been killed on the spot! YOU CANNOT REFORM THESE PEOPLE!! Sadly I dont think the pacifist pieaces of shit will ever get the point, I mean how many fucking times do they have to see theses bastards kill and mutilate people to get the picture! They will always want to save them. I say FUCK EM Kill em all and let God sort em out!!!!!

K.C. Santiago said...
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K.C. Santiago said...

Sad. All the little wingnuts will read this and walk away saying how wonderful it was this man got a new leg. End of story for them.

(interesting, you can delete your own comment)

ken said...

The libs really do think they can change the world with their let's 'TALK' to the terrorists.

They can't accept the fact that not everyone in the world thinks as they do.

They want to appease the terrorists like Chamberlin did with Hitler before Britain got attacked after getting Hitlers asurance that he would'nt attack.

These terrorists love death more than these liberals love life. And they have been showing us this.

Why is it that the libs can't deal with reality?

Mary Jo Jeffries said...

You couldn't have said it usual. Keep it up. Look forward to each & every blog that you post.

Your friend from Oklahoma,

Mary JO

America's Last Line of Defense said...

Yeah, I read this article by Ann. The libtards never cease to amaze me with their nativity and total lack of a grasp of human nature. Even in this country they defend murderers, rapists, and child killers, all the while mounting an all out assault on the unborn.

I think we should begin a work release program, and place these terrorists in the homes of prominent libtards, starting with the white house right after the first of the year. Let them put their money where their mouths are, so to speak.

Teddy Bear said...

Preach it, my dear are SOOOOO right....there are enemies within our borders who wish to destroy us and free their "friends" from Gitmo.....sick, sick puppies.
Teddy Bear

Fowl Ideas said...

I was checking my hedges for terrorists just this morning.

Fowl Ideas said...

Think of all those lucrative military contracts that would be lost forever if we didn't let our enemies have another go at us.